What are the dos and don’ts of serving mistress feet?


Serving a Mistress’s feet is an important ritual in many dominant- submissive relationships. It is often a great way to show respect, worship, and admiration for the Dominant figure. However, there are a few dos and don’ts that should be followed to ensure the safety of the submissive and the comfort of the Mistress.

Dos for Serving a Mistress’s Feet

1. Make sure hands are clean and free of germs. Before touching the Mistress’s feet, make sure the servant’s hands are clean. Washing with soap and warm water is recommended to ensure no germs or bacteria is passed on.

2. Treat feet with care. Feet can be sensitive and fragile, so treat them with care and gentleness. Use a mild lotion to soften the feet, as well as massaging the soles and pressing gently on the toes.

3. Show respect. Respect for the Mistress is essential when serving her feet. Do not make unwanted physical contact or be overly rough when touching or handling her feet.

4. Use appropriate language. Submissives should use appropriate language when directing their Mistress’s feet. Calloused terms such as ‘slave’ or ‘servant’ should not be used, and terms of endearment such as ‘darling’ or ‘dear’ should be preferred.

5. Pamper the Mistress’s feet. A nice treat after serving the Mistress’s feet is to give them a pedicure or a massage. Utilize special products such as oils and lotions to make sure her feet are soft and luxurious.

Don’ts for Serving a Mistress’s Feet

1. Do not be aggressive or forceful. Avoid being too forceful when handling the Mistress’s feet as well as being too aggressive when touching them. Submissives need to be gentle and respectful and remember that feet can be easily hurt and damaged.

2. Do not criticize body parts. Even though a submissive may disagree with their Mistress’s choice in certain aspects of her feet, criticism should be kept to a minimum. This is especially important as the Mistress may have skin conditions or other health issues, so her feet should be treated with the utmost respect.

3. Do not use offensive language. Submissives need to be careful with their language when speaking to their Mistress. Offensive and explicit words have no place in this kind of activity and could easily be seen as disrespectful and demeaning.

4. Do not forget to ask permission. Submissives should make sure they have permission from their Mistress before they do anything with her feet. This includes any kind of touching, caressing, kissing, or worshiping.

5. Do not take risks that could harm the Mistress. Taking risks with the Mistress’s feet could lead to injuries, so be sure to know what activities and procedures are safe. If in doubt, it is better to consult with Mistress beforehand to ensure both parties are comfortable during the activity. Click here for info.

What kind of feedback are femdom pay sites looking for from their members?

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When it comes to femdom pay sites, feedback is absolutely vital for ensuring the proper functioning of the website and creating a safe and enjoyable environment for its members. femdom pay sites are seeking a variety of types of feedback from their members, such as feedback on the content, layout, usability, and overall experience of the website. This type of feedback not only helps the website maintain a high standard of service but also helps to build trust between the site and its members.

The most important type of feedback that femdom pay sites are looking for from their members is content-related feedback. This includes both positive and negative comments on the quality of the images, videos, and stories posted on the site. This feedback helps these sites identify areas for improvement and better provide content their members want to see.

femdom pay sites are also looking for users’ opinions on the overall look and feel of the website. Members should share their thoughts on the layout of the website, whether it’s easy to navigate, how visually appealing it is, and any other opinions they have about the design of the site. This type of feedback helps these sites create an attractive and intuitive experience for their users.

Usability is also an important area of focus for both femdom pay sites and their members. Members should provide feedback on how responsive the website is, what features they like or dislike, and any glitches or problems they experience when using the website. This feedback helps sites identify and fix technical issues as well as add and tweak features based on user feedback.

Finally, femdom pay sites are always interested in hearing what their members think about their overall experience on the website. This can include anything from the customer service they received, the content they enjoyed, the feel of the website, or simply any positive or negative thoughts about the website overall. This type of feedback helps ensure that the website regularly improves and provides an enjoyable experience for its members.

In conclusion, femdom pay sites are looking for a variety of types of feedback from their members in order to build trust and ensure their members get the best possible experience. This includes feedback on the content, layout, usability, and overall experience of the website. By providing this valuable feedback, members of femdom pay sites help the website provide quality content and create an enjoyable experience for its users.
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